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This section offers some useful software products for musicians, especially, guitar players.

MuzLand Guitar Tuner

Our correct chord site offers you a great tuner to tune guitars and bass. Now you will be able to fine-tune your guitar. MuzLand guitar tuner is designed, first of all, to tune classical six-string and bass guitars in the traditional pitch, though it can be easily used for other musical instruments. The tuner supports an oscillograph, a guitar neck and piano keyboard that display the selected note. Besides the electronic tuner, you can also open the tone generator and tune your guitar by ear. Please note that currently the software interface supports only Russian.

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Guitar lessons in Guitar Pro format

Guitar lessons in Guitar Pro format are sorted by the following categories: Warm-up, Rock Classes, Blues Classes, Jazz Classes, Spanish Rhythms and Melodies, Metal Classes, Hard-core Classes, Bass Guitar Classes.

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