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Our mission is to provide only quality song chords. Therefore the published material is prepared by professional musicians with musical education.

Our Team

The chief of the project, the founder – Anton Gavzov.

The chief specialist – Mikhail Ocheret.

The leading specialist – Elena Ladova.

The Right Chords

On the site you will find high-quality collections of chords for a great range of songs.

There are other sites which seem to offer this service, but all too often they are large and unmanageable databases where it is difficult to find what you seek. is the first and, more importantly, no longer the only website which has set itself the challenging and rewarding goal of providing top-notch, tested information to its users.

It can be a challenge playing the original chords for a tune, but it’s definitely worthwhile putting in the effort.

If this is a struggle for you just now, however, don’t despair! This site features a unique chord simplification system that automatically transforms complex chords into more simple ones, within the reach of the novice player, and yet keeping the general harmonies appropriate to the melody.

All of the chord sequences offered here have been selected with care and thoroughly checked out. Of course, to err is only human and it would be wrong to claim that there are no mistakes at, but we have tried to keep them to a minimum.

All help is welcome, and if you have found an error please do let us know so that we can improve our service.


Transposition is changing the pitch of a piece of music by rewriting it in a different key, moving all of the notes up or down a constant interval.

Few guitar players have the knowledge or skills to transpose quickly and correctly.

This is why we are delighted to offer our internet-based automatic transposition system to help you change the key of your chosen song with just one click.

Musicians can find it very helpful to perform a song in a key other than the one it was written in – this can make it easier for the singer or the accompanist.

Novice guitar players will find this tool especially useful for songs they can’t perform because they are out of their vocal range or the chords are particularly difficult to strike.

Using autotransposition will get you the best results!


Anton Gavzov

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