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The chief specialist of chord writing for Muzland

Mikhail Ocheret

Mikhail Ocheret is a Russian musician, composer, and arranger, with a specialization in guitar, bass guitar, double bass, composition, and ensemble. In 2000, he graduated with honors from Orel College of Music (Russia) and continued to study in the orchestra faculty at Kotlyarevsky Kharkiv National University of Arts (Ukraine).

He taught guitar in his native Orel College of Music and worked as an artist in the Orel State Philharmonic ensemble. The musical “The Snow Queen” by the honored artist of Russia, Nikolay Chuprov, was written by Mikhail Ocheret in collaboration with a colleague Vladimir Semechev. The musical was staged in 2004 at the philharmonic and was warmly received by the audience of Orel.

The songs by various authors with arrangements by Mikhail Ocheret have received more than a total of 40 diplomas in Russia and at an international level. Among the most recent victories is the Grand Prix of the Festival of International and Russian remote contests “The Talents of Russia” (2021).

Mikhail Ocheret is an authorized chord picker for Muzland and the chief specialist of the project: find all his chords.

Sea Voyage, intro
Russian Autumn, sketch

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