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Mikhail Ocheret
Butterfly-Soul (guitar play)


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Music by Mikhail Ocheret, performed by Eugenia Shkarupa

Instrumental work of the chief specialist
of the Muzland project.
Publication of chords is not provided.

The composition “Butterfly-Soul”
was written by Mikhail Ocheret
in 2021 and won
the second prize in the international
competition of composers
“The Time of the Guitar” (Moscow, 2022).

This recording is performed by
Eugenia Shkarupa, winner of national
and international
guitar competitions,
and professor at the Rostov
State Conservatory.

Eugenia Shkarupa
Eugenia’s VK profile:

Eugenia Shkarupa is a brilliant
representative of the young generation
of contemporary musicians,
who perfectly masters
all the expressive possibilities
of the classical guitar.
She is a virtuoso who combines
a delicate approach to sound
with brilliance and dynamism,
which allows her to convey
her message with ease.


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Statistics Published 18.08.22
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