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Dear friends! Now you have the opportunity to order high-quality song charts and then get them published on

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$13 + 1 week

Make the order at Market-Area.Ru (Paypal, Webmoney)

You can pay for the service at with Paypal or Webmoney electronic payment systems.

When ordering chords at internet shop please enter the name of the song and the artist in the “Comments” field. Alternatively you can send this information to

It is desirable to send an mp3 file to or give a link for downloading. If the composition is rare, this is essential.

Ordering score

We also provide other services such as chording by-ear and transcription and notation of songs or instrumental pieces. Accuracy of transcription, appropriate notation and quality chord sets are our watchwords! The cost is negotiated individually for each piece of music (from 50 USD/35 EUR). For further information please contact us at

We will transcribe and write out any piece of music 100% correctly.


Make the order of score, arrangement or backing tracks



1. Dicitencello vuje - Download sheet music in .mus and .tif files - voice, guitar, chords


2. Tiger Rag (Morten Gunnar Larsen) - Download sheet music in .mus and .tif files - piano


3. Armik - Sailing to Bimini - Download sheet music in .mus and .tif files - solo, chords


4. Alexander Rybak - Fairytale - Download sheet music in .pdf file - voice, piano, chords

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