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Lyrics and Music by Natalie Imbruglia, Francis White and Shepard Soloman

Intro: Db | Dbmaj | Fm | Fm Ab | Db | Dbmaj | Fm | Fm Ab 

Db            Dbmaj
I walk a mile with a smile
And I don't know I don't care
      Ab Db       Dbmaj       Fm     Ab
Where I am, but I know it's alright,
Db              Dbmaj
Jump the tracks can't get back
        Fm          Ab    Db
I don't know anyone round here,
        Dbmaj     Fm
But I'm safe this time.

'Cause when you...
                                 Absus4          Ab
Tell me, tell me, tell me stupid things like you do,
Yes I...
                                     Absus4        Ab
Have to, have to, have to change the rules I can't lose.

              Db     Dbmaj  Fm
     'Cause I shiver I just break up,
     Ab       Db   Dbmaj                  Fm
     When I'm near you it all gets out of hand.
     Ab    Db     Dbmaj Fm
     Yes I shiver I get bent up
     Ab         Db       Dbmaj              Fm     F#
     There's no way back I know you'll understand.

We talk and talk round it all
Who'd of thought,
We'd end up here, but I'm feeling fine
In a rush, never trust
You'll be there if I'd only stop
And take my time.

'Cause with you...
I'm running, running, running somewhere I can't get to.
Yes I...
Have to, have to, have to change the rules I'm with you.


   Bmaj9                                 Bbm7
   What if you get off at the next stop,
   Would you just wave us I'm drifting off.
   And if I never saw you again
         F#     Ab     Bbm7   F#
   Could I keep all of this inside.

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Finger notations of chords

Db for guitar
Dbmaj for guitar
Fm for guitar
Ab for guitar
F# for guitar
Absus4 for guitar
Bmaj9 for guitar
Bbm7 for guitar
D#dim7 for guitar


Song chords for those who want to play the guitar very accurately and similarly to the original.





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