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Чиж и Компания

Chizh & Co is a Russian rock band formed in the beginning of 1990s. Its lead singer is Sergey Chigrakov. In 1993 he left the group Raznyie Lyudi (“Different People”) and moved to St. Petersburg where he recorded his first album, Chizh, with the help of Boris Grebenshchikov. In June 1994 the band Chizh & Co was formed. After several concerts performed in St. Petersburg clubs an album, O Lyubvi (“About Love”), was recorded and the band became famous and started touring actively. Since Chizh & Co was formed the band has released 17 albums, filmed 6 music videos and performed all over the world.

18 берез (весен)
Hoochie Coochie Man
Russo matroso
Still Life

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