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Zaz is the stage name of the fabulous French singer Isabelle Geffroy. Her exceptional voice is reminiscent of Fréhel and Édith Piaf. Before starting her solo career Zaz polished her act in numerous groups, including the Fifty Fingers blues band and various other groups from Angouleme including a jazz quintet; and a Basque dance orchestra Izar-Adatz (“Falling Star”) and the Don Diego Latin rock band. This was followed by Paris, where she performed in clubs, bars, and on the Montmartre streets until she accepted an offer from Kerredine Soltani, a producer and composer, who wrote “Je Veux” for her and found her a record company. Zaz’s debut album was released on 10 May 2010.


Total songs with chords: 12

  1. Muzland
  2. Z
  3. Zaz