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Dino Merlin is the stage name of a famous Bosnian singer, poet and composer, Edin Dervišhalidović, who started performing in 1983. This is when he first put together a band, for which he was both lead singer and songwriter. Having recorded 5 albums with the band and become popular he decided to go solo under a new name, Dino Merlin. Working with famous musicians, doing solo shows and writing the lyrics for the national anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina has made him the number one Balkan music star. The long list of his achievements is capped with work for the Eurovision Song Contest: in 1993 he wrote a song that was performed by another musician and in 1999 he went up on stage himself and took 7th place. In 2011 Dino has once again been chosen to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Contest in Düsseldorf.

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Love in Rewind

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Love in Rewind

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Love in Rewind

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