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Eldrine is a Georgian rock band. The band’s website features the legendary story about how the leaders of Eldrine searched for years for the right vocalist. Then one day they heard Tako sing and they realized at once that hers was the perfect voice for their band. But Tako turned them down and a new search turned out to be fruitless. Then a tragedy happened that no-one could have foreseen: Tako was involved in a car crash and lost her memory. Eldrine decided to take advantage of this, and just like in the movies they created an alternative past for her which eventually led to her becoming their singer. In 2011 Eldrine was chosen to represent Georgia at Eurovision in Düsseldorf, but then the leaders decided to replace Tako with Sophio. The Georgian public were outraged and dispelled the “beautiful” legend of Tako losing her memory.

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One More Day

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One More Day

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One More Day

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  1. Muzland
  2. E
  3. Eldrine