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Anastasiya Vinnikova is a Belarusian singer who became famous after appearing in the third season of the TV show “The Musical Court” (“Muzikalny Sud”) on national television. In 2011 Anastasiya was given the honor of representing Belarus at Eurovision in Düsseldorf having beaten 21 other artists. The song “Born in Byelorussia” performed by Anastasiya was chosen during national selection by a focus group made up of representatives from leading national television channels. Later the song’s name was changed to “I am Belarusian” and then abandoned altogether because a video posted on YouTube indicates that it may have been performed a year earlier at the Minsk State Linguistic University. Finally, a different song was chosen for Anastasiya Vinnikova, “I love Belarus”.

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I love Belarus

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I love Belarus

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I love Belarus

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