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Homens da Luta

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Homens da Luta is a band from Portugal. The name means “man’s struggle”. The members of Homens da Luta are very popular in their country because of the unusual genre of their work. Their creations are musical shows, comedy and parody all in one, at the same time based on the revolutionary slogans of 1974 (“The struggle must go on!”). In 2010 the band participated in the national selections for Eurovision but was disqualified for not meeting the deadline. In 2011 Homens da Luta took part in the national selections once more and won, becoming Portugal’s representative for Eurovision in Düsseldorf.

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Luta É Alegria

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Luta É Alegria

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Luta É Alegria

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  1. Muzland
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  3. Homens da Luta