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Dana International is the stage name of Sharon Cohen, an Israeli singer who had a sex-change in the 90s. She has become extremely popular worldwide not only because of her amazing life story but through her hard work and admiration for her music. Back in 1979 young Sharon (Yaron Cohen, as he was then) was inspired by her compatriot Gali Atari’s victory in the Eurovision contest and decided to take up singing. As she matured she went in for the national selection but failed to win. Despite that Dana International decided to go in for the famous contest whatever it might take. In 1998 she did not just get past the selection, but went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest itself in Birmingham. After 13 years, in 2011 Dana International got the chance to represent Israel once again, this time in Düsseldorf.

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Ding Dong

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Ding Dong

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Ding Dong

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