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India Martínez

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India Martínez is the stage name of Spanish singer and flamenco dancer Jennifer Jessica Martínez Fernández. She appeared on stage for the first time in coastal Almeria, where she had moved with her family from their home town Cordoba. As this was the beginning of her artistic career she was called “La Niña del Puerto” which means “girl from the port”. In 2002 India Martínez won first prize at the festival in San José giving her the opportunity to record a CD together with the winners in other categories. In 2004 she released her first solo album “Azulejos de lunares”. In 2009 India Martínez appeared at the Latin Grammy Awards in the “Best New Artist” and “Best Engineered Album” categories (with her second album “Despertar”).


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  1. Muzland
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  3. India Martínez