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No Te Va Gustar (NTVG)

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In tune with the musical traditions of Uruguay and influenced by the best of Argentinean rock, the band No Te Va Gustar (NTVG) was formed in 1994 in Montevideo. Initially the group was an ordinary teenage rock trio, consisting of a guitarist, bassist and drummer. Over the next several years NTVG acquired new members, and the group developed its own unique style, a mix of reggae, ska, salsa and candombe, rock, and blues. More than ten years since the group recorded its debut album (1999), NTVG is firmly entrenched as a leader of Latin American music, and was nominated at the Latin Grammy Awards in 2011 for the categories “Best Rock Album” and “Best Rock Song.”


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  1. Muzland
  2. N
  3. No Te Va Gustar (NTVG)