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Finalist of Russia’s Star Factory season one and former member of the pop girl band Fabrika, Sati Kazanova was born in Kabardino-Balkaria. Since 2010 though Sati has been building up her own career and applying her talent in a number of music genres. The fast-developing project, S.A.T.Y. Acoustic Band, that the singer co-founded with well-known jazz musicians in 2011, is constantly experimenting with the sounds of various world hits, Sati’s songs and their newly written pieces and is performing folk Kabardino-Balkar songs and Azerbaijani pop ballads. Sati is always open to collaboration, which is why she frequently releases songs with musicians working in various genres. In 2014, for example, Sati and young Moldovan singer and composer Arsenium released a music video for their mutual song Do Rassveta ("Until Dawn") in Russian, or Porque te Amo in its Spanish and English variant. Both singers openly hope the song will become one of the hottest hits of the Summer 2014.

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Porque te amo

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Porque te amo

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Porque te amo

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