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Margaret Berger’s second place finish in 2004 in the Norwegian version of Idol, a popular television show, was a great start of the singer’s musical career. Margaret’s repertoire consists mostly of compositions in the electro pop style, but she is not afraid of experimenting and adds the best of rock and R&B into her electronic music. In 2008, having previously released two successful albums in Norway, Margaret Berger gradually minimized her singing career and chose instead a career in management. She became musical director of NRK P3, one of the three Norwegian national radio stations. Five years later, Margaret had a come back to the music stage. She participated in the Eurovision-2013 national semifinals with a song “I Feed you my Love” and was selected to represent Norway at the Eurovision in Malmö.

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I Feed you my Love

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I Feed you my Love

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I Feed you my Love

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