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Cesária Évora

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Cape Verde-born Cesária Évora became widely popular for her music all over the globe immediately after recording her first solo album. At the time of releasing her debut record the singer was already on the other side of 40, but age was no issue for growing her music career, and Cesária went on touring the entire world. Wherever Cesária Évora went, she always remained loyal to her country of origin: alongside fado and modinha-style songs, her repertoire included compositions in the Cape Verdean style of morna, and to pay tribute to the poverty-ridden people of Cape Verde, the singer performed all her concerts barefoot. Also, all the early school education and a substantial part of the healthcare system in Cesária’s native country was financed from the singer’s own funds.

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Sangue de Beirona

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Sangue de Beirona

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  1. Muzland
  2. C
  3. Cesária Évora