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The story of the band Oasis, which occupied the world music stage from 1991 until 2009, began and ended with the Gallagher brothers. Upon the recommendation of a friend, the younger of the two, Liam, fell in with the fledgling band, The Rain, and soon suggested that its name be changed to Oasis. After some time, Noel Gallagher also joined the group, declaring that from the moment he appeared in the band all Oasis’s songs would be written by him personally. Thus the solid backbone of the group was formed, under whose leadership seven successful studio albums were released. Year after year, the success and charisma of each of the brothers strained their already complicated relationship. In 2009 Noel, declaring it impossible to continue sharing a stage with his brother, left the group. Two months later, Oasis officially ceased to exist.


Total songs with chords: 3

  1. Muzland
  2. O
  3. Oasis