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During his teenage years, Nick Rivera Caminero made some money working at a grocery store where he also set up improvised performances in his free time. During one of these performances, he was noticed by the wife of the executive director of a Puerto Rican record company. She then brought Nick to her husband, who immediately offered to work alongside him. Soon after, the young man, under the pseudonym Nicky Jam, recorded his first album, but it was not enough to gain recognition. Despite the failure, Nick continued working on his music and at the start of the 21st century, he became a member of the Los Cangris duо, which he formed together with his friend. The group only lasted a few years and in 2004, Nick continued on with a solo career; however, nothing was turning out in his favor. Nevertheless, even though it took a long time, Nick gained international success in 2015 with the song “El perdón.”

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El Perdón

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El Perdón

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El Perdón

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