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© Chorded by Anton Gavzov // chief of the project (
± BPM (tempo): ♩ = 108 beats per minute

Lyrics and Music by Alexander Rybak
Norway / Eurovision 2009

Intro: D#m | G#m
       Bbm | B B Bb D#m  } ×2

D#m                   G#m
Years ago, when I was younger,
  B                    Bbm   Bb7
I kinda liked a girl I knew.
D#m                      G#m
She was mine and we were sweethearts,
B                            Bbm   Bb7
That was then, but then it’s true.

     D#m                G#m
     I’m in love with a fairytale,
     B              Bbm    Bb7
     Even though it hurts.
     ‘Cause I don’t care
     If I lose my mind,
     B           Bbm     Bb7
     I’m already cursed.

Instrumental: D#m | G#m
              Bbm | B B Bb D#m  } ×2

Every day we started fighting,
Every night we fell in love.
No one else could make me sadder,
But no one else could lift me high above.

   D#m                      G#m
   I don’t know, what I was doing,
        C#7                F#    Bb7
   When suddenly, we fell apart.
   D#m                G#m
   Nowadays, I cannot find her,
   But when I do,
               Bb        Bb7
   We’ll get a brand new start.

Chorus 2 times

Finger notations of uku chords

D#m for ukulele
G#m for ukulele
Bbm for ukulele
B for ukulele
Bb for ukulele
Bb7 for ukulele
C#7 for ukulele
F# for ukulele


Ukulele accompaniment chords are extremely close to the original, with consideration of the instrument’s realities.





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