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October, 19

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  • troblshootr
April, 23
Make the O.Torvald - Time already «3
You can make the order here: Order. Thank you.
August, 12
Hi! I'd like to say that this site is amazing!

Can I have a song request? Could you please post up the chords for "I'm Alive" by Elhaida Dani (Eurovision 2015 Albania)? I'd be really thankful!

Thanks in advance!
The best way to get chords is going to the order section. Thank you.
May, 5
Hi!! Could you please put up chords for Dilara Kasimov - Start a Fire?? :D
September, 16
Why is your Rolling in the deep chords not working???!!! »=(
I do not know. It may have been a temporary failure, but now everything is displayed properly.
May, 28
An excellent read, thank you. It really is getting harder and harder to sift by means of all of the garbage on the web nowadays.
May, 19
Could you please post up the chords for Euphoria by Loreen?
Ok, I'll try to post it a little later.
April, 24
Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?
No, such page we don't have. But we've such plans.
May, 21
Hello guys!

I'd like to say that this site is just amazing.....the chords of the songs are really well done.

I also love the fact that you put the chords of EUROVISION songs!

But I like to ask you one thing......could you put here the song whitch won the 2011 eurovision...runnig scared?

Thank you, Alexandra. Running Scared is posted!


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