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October, 13

Sir Elton John feared his wig would fly off after major storm disrupted concert

Sir Elton John feared his wig would fly off after major storm disrupted concert

Sir Elton John has told how he was left with a “very real fear” his wig was about to fly off when a storm disrupted his concert.

Three assistants ushered the star off the stage more than 90 minutes into the Australian gig in January.

Reading from his autobiography on Instagram, Elton, 73, recalled the show in Victoria’s Yarra Valley.

He said: “I found myself preoccupied by the challenge of attempting to play piano in the middle of the most torrential downpour I had ever experienced.

"Then the gales started which turned the rain horizontal. I could hear screams in the crowd, there were picnic baskets and chairs in the air.

“For the first time in my life I became incredibly conscious of the fact I was wearing a hairpiece.

"There seemed every chance that before the song was over someone in Tasmania was going to find themselves wearing my wig.”

The rest of the Farewell Tour show was cancelled when rain filled his grand piano.

Elton added: “It has been quite a year. My film, my farewell tour. And just when I thought my life could not get anymore unbelievable, I went and won an Oscar.

"My paperback is out and we have brought it up to date with a brand new chapter, Everything that has made me laugh, cry, the friendships I have gained and lost and even the odd tantrum."


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