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± BPM (tempo): ♩ = 98 beats per minute

from: "Goof Troop"
Lyrics and Music by Mark Watters

Intro: D | D

Hi-hit, hi-hit, hit it!

Like father, like son
You’re always number one. (Yes!)
Best buddies, best pals. (Yeah!)
You always seem to work things out.

   G                    A
   Can’t you see you’re two of a kind?
   Bm                      C
   Looking for a real good time.
   (Real good time.)

     Report to the Goof Troop (Goof Troop)
               Bm             G
     And we’ll always stick together.
     (Always stick together.)
        Bm7    D
     We’re the Goof Troop (Goof Troop),
     Bm                G      A
     Best of friends forever.

   G               A
   Side by side wherever we go,
         Bm              G A B
   We’re always ready to roll.
   (Now gimme a beat.)

     We’re the Goof Troop,
            C#m            A       B
     And we always stick together.
            C#m7   E
     Oh, we’re the Goof Troop,
     C#m               A      B
     Best of friends forever.

A                 B
Now we’re calling everyone,
C#m                     D
Come along and join the fun!
Report to the Goof Troop!
Pap-pa-pa-doo-pap, pa-doo, loo-bop! Yeah.

Finger notations of chords

D for guitar
Bm for guitar
G for guitar
A for guitar
C for guitar
Bm7 for guitar
B for guitar
E for guitar
C#m for guitar
C#m7 for guitar

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