A Whole New World

The Key

C C# D Eb E
F# G G# A Bb B

Guitar Chords


© Chorded by Ocheret M. (

from Walt Disney’s Aladdin (1992)
Lyrics by Tim Rice and Music by Alan Menken
Performed by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane

Intro: Fadd9 | Fadd9 Fadd9 Fadd9 Fadd9/C  } 2 times

F                         F/C
I can show you the world,
F                    Bbmaj/D C/E
Shining, shimmering, splendid.
Gm/Bb    A7      A7/C#  Dm
Tell me, princess, now when did
Dm/C     Bb               F     Csus4
You last let your heart decide?

F                     F/C
I can open your eyes,
F                  Bbmaj/D C/E
Take you wonder by wonder,
Gm/Bb A7  A7/C#    Dm
Over, sideways and under
Dm/C Bb            F
On a magic carpet ride.

                 C      F
     A whole new world,
              C      C7/E       Fadd9
     A new fantastic point of view.
               C/Bb    F/A
     No one to tell us no
        C/Bb     F/A
     Or where to go
        Dm7       G7sus4 G7
     Or say we’re only

                 C      F
     A whole new world,
                C       C#dim7  Dm
     A dazzling place I never knew.
     F7           C/Bb    F/A
     But when I’m way up here,
          C/Bb     F/A
     It’s crystal clear
          Dm7     G7sus4
     That now I’m in
     G7 Eb       C7sus4 C7  F
     A whole new world with you.
                F/C F        F/C       G#
     Now I’m in a whole new world with you.

G#                   G#/Eb
Unbelievable sights,
G#            C#maj/F Eb/G
Indescribable feeling.
Bbm/C#   C7sus4  C7    Fm
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
Fm/Eb      C#               G#
Through an endless diamond sky.

     A whole new world.
     (Don’t you dare close your eyes.)
               Eb       Eb7
     A hundred thousand things to see.
     (Hold your breath; it gets better.)
                Eb/C#    G#/C
     I’m like a shooting star,
          Eb/C#   G#/C
     I’ve come so far;
       Fm7      Bb7sus4
     I can’t go back
     Bb7 C#/Eb          Eb
     To where I used to be.
     (A whole new world.)

     Every turn a surprise.
                 Eb     Edim7
     (With new horizons to pursue.)
     Every moment, red-letter
     G#7/Eb          Eb/C# G#/C
     I’ll chase them anywhere.
             Eb/C#    G#/C
     There’s time to spare.
     Fm7    Bb7sus4 Bb7 F#       C#/Eb Eb7  Fm   G#/Eb
     Let me share this whole new world with you.

     A whole new world,
     A whole new world,
     That’s where we’ll be,
     That’s where we’ll be.
     A thrilling chase,
     A wondrous place
             Eb7 G#
     For you and me.

Instrumental: G# G# G# G#/Eb  } 3 times
              G#add9 | G#
The top twenty
Top 20

Finger notations of chords

Fadd9 for guitar
Fadd9/C for guitar
F for guitar
F/C for guitar
Bbmaj/D for guitar
C/E for guitar
Gm/Bb for guitar
A7 for guitar
A7/C# for guitar
Dm for guitar
Dm/C for guitar
Bb for guitar
Csus4 for guitar
C for guitar
C7/E for guitar
C/Bb for guitar
F/A for guitar
Dm7 for guitar
G7sus4 for guitar
G7 for guitar
Bb/C for guitar
C#dim7 for guitar
F7 for guitar
Eb for guitar
C7sus4 for guitar
C7 for guitar
G# for guitar
G#/Eb for guitar
C#maj/F for guitar
Eb/G for guitar
Bbm/C# for guitar
Fm for guitar
Fm/Eb for guitar
C# for guitar
Eb7 for guitar
G#add9 for guitar
Eb/C# for guitar
G#/C for guitar
Fm7 for guitar
Bb7sus4 for guitar
Bb7 for guitar
C#/Eb for guitar
Edim7 for guitar
G#7/Eb for guitar
F# for guitar
C#add9 for guitar
Bbm7add11 for guitar
Eb7sus4 for guitar

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Song chords for those who want to play the guitar very accurately and similarly to the original.





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