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Vasyl Lazarovich

I love you...

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© Chorded by Elena Ladova // specialist (

Lyrics and Music by Brandon Stone and Olga Yarynich

Intro: Bbmaj

Fadd9               Dm9
You so beautiful to me,
My endless melody,
           Gm7      Csus4 C
You are my destiny.
Fadd9                  Dm9
You, the meaning of my life,
Today I realize
             Gm7         Csus4 C
How much you mean to me.
Dm7                      Gm75-/Db
Now I know you're miles away,
All I wanna say
                  Csus4 C
I need you day by day.

       Fadd9                   Bbadd9
     I love you, I love you, I love you,
       Gm7          Csus4 C7
     Кохаю, кохаю тебе.
       Fadd9                   Bbadd9
     I love you, my darling, I love you,
       Gm7          Csus4 C7
     Кохаю, кохаю тебе.

F#add9      D#m9
Ти поезія душі,
Ти музика в мені,
      G#m7  C#sus4 C#
Лінія долі.
D#m7               G#m75-/D
Ти, ти грішна і свята,
Ти правило життя
               C#sus4 C#
Всього мого буття.

       F#add9                  Badd9
     I love you, I love you, I love you,
       G#m7         C#sus4 C#7
     Кохаю, кохаю тебе.

Instrumental: F#add9 F#/A# | Badd9

       G#m7  C#sus4 C#7
     Кохаю тебе.
       Aadd9     Dmaj
     I love you,
       Bmadd9     E7
     I love you, ooh.
       Aadd9                   Dmaj
     I love you, my darling, I love you,
       Bmadd9       E7
     Кохаю, кохаю тебе,
              Fmaj G A
     Тільки тебе.
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Finger notations of chords

Bbmaj for guitar
Fadd9 for guitar
Dm9 for guitar
Am9 for guitar
Gm7 for guitar
Csus4 for guitar
C for guitar
Dm7 for guitar
Gm75-/Db for guitar
F/C for guitar
Bbadd9 for guitar
C7 for guitar
F#add9 for guitar
D#m9 for guitar
Bbm9 for guitar
G#m7 for guitar
C#sus4 for guitar
C# for guitar
D#m7 for guitar
G#m75-/D for guitar
F#/C# for guitar
Badd9 for guitar
C#7 for guitar
F#/A# for guitar
Aadd9 for guitar
Dmaj for guitar
Bmadd9 for guitar
E7 for guitar
Fmaj for guitar
G for guitar
A for guitar


Song chords for those who want to play the guitar very accurately and similarly to the original.





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