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© Chorded by Mikhail Ocheret // specialist (
» Ordered by Anton Nikitin
± BPM (tempo): ♩ = 142 beats per minute

Lyrics and Music by Everything Everything, James Ford

Intro:Amadd9 Am …  } ×4

You think it’s new,
          Bm  E
But it is not new.
I cannot wait
           Bm  Bm7  E
To see the look
E7      F6add11+
On your face.
‘Cause someone’s gonna prick
     Am Em7    F6add11+
That bovine balloon
                       Am Em7  Fmajadd11+
Wrinkled little boxing glove.
Someone’s gonna tell you,
 Am  Em7  F6add11+
“No, you can’t,”
                        Amadd9/C E7/G#  Am
And I think you might explode.

You think we’re fooled,
           Bm7  E7add11  Amadd9
But we are not fooled.
You think it’s hard,
                     Bm7  E7add11
But you’re doing the easiest
And someone’s gonna burst
     Amadd9 Em7    F6add11+
Your blood-blubber head,
                     Amadd9 E7   Fmajadd11+
Even little children see through you.
Someone’s gonna pull
     Amadd9 Em7   F6add11+
Your big trousers down,
                        Amadd9/C E7/G#
And I think you might explode.

So go home
    G7/B         C7/Bb    F/A
And squat in the basement now,
C/G       G              Dm/F      F
Sing me a song from your dead-eyed scroll,
D/F#        Em7           Dsus4  D7sus4
Witless and rank as a fat-filled hole.
    C         G7/B      C7/Bb F/A
I’m tired and you are ridiculous,
C/G       G           Bb          F
God for a clown and a clown for a pig,
D/F#    Em7           Dsus4      D7sus4
Ever so small but you think it’s big,
I know!

 C5 C5 C5 D5 | G5 F5 D#5 F5 D#5
 C5 Bb5 D#5 Bb5 A5 C#5 F#5 | F#5 A5 F5 C5 E5

 C5 C5 C5 D5 | G5 F5 D#5 F5 D#5
 C5 Bb5 D#5 Bb5 A5 C#5 F#5 | F#5 A5 F5 C5 E5

 C5 C5 C5 D5 | G5 F5 F5 D5
 C5 Bb5 D#5 Bb5 A5 C#5 F#5 | F#5 A5 F5 C5 E5

 C5 C5 C5 D5 | G5 F5 D#5 F5 D#5
 C5 Bb5 D#5 Bb5 A5 C#5 F#5 | F#5 A5 F5 C5 E5


G7/B      C7/Bb F/A
You are ridiculous,
C/G     G          Dm/F      F
Rubbery legs gonna march all night,
D/F#     Em7            Dsus4    D7sus4
Tell me again ‘cause it makes me smile.

Instrumental: C C C G7/B |
              C7/Bb F/A F/A F/A |
              C/G G Dm/F F | …

Finger notations of chords

Amadd9 for guitar
Am for guitar
C6 for guitar
Bm for guitar
E for guitar
Bm7 for guitar
E7 for guitar
F6add11+ for guitar
Em7 for guitar
Fmajadd11+ for guitar
Amadd9/C for guitar
E7/G# for guitar
E7add11 for guitar
C for guitar
G7/B for guitar
C7/Bb for guitar
F/A for guitar
C/G for guitar
G for guitar
Dm/F for guitar
F for guitar
D/F# for guitar
Dsus4 for guitar
D7sus4 for guitar
Bb for guitar
C5 for guitar
D5 for guitar
G5 for guitar
F5 for guitar
D#5 for guitar
Bb5 for guitar
A5 for guitar
C#5 for guitar
F#5 for guitar
E5 for guitar


Song chords for those who want to play the guitar very accurately and similarly to the original.





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