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© Chorded by Anton Gavzov // chief of the project (

Music and Lyrics by Consuelo Velázquez / English Words by Sunny Skylar

Intro: Dm | Dm | Eb7 | Eb7
       Dm | Dm | E75- | A75+ A7

Dm  Gm6 Dm    Gsus4 Gm
Bésame, bésame mucho,
Each time I cling
        Gm          A7      Dm    A7   Dm  
To your kiss I hear music divine,
D7 C7   D7   
     D+ Gsus4 Gm
Bésame mucho,
Dm                       E7  
Hold me, my darling, and say
            A7        Dm    Gm6 Dm
That you'll always be mine.

     This boy is something new,
     My arms enfolding you,
     A7    Gm6                Dm
     Never knew this thrill before.
     Whoever thought
     I'd be holding you close to me,
     E7               Bb7    A7
     Whisp'ring "It's you I adore".

Dearest one, if you should leave me,
Each little dream
Would take wing and my life would be through.
Bé-е-е-same mucho,
Love mi forever and make all
   A7     A75+ Dm   Gm6 Dm
My dreams come true.

Finger notations of uku chords

Dm for ukulele
Eb7 for ukulele
E75- for ukulele
A75+ for ukulele
A7 for ukulele
Gm6 for ukulele
Gsus4 for ukulele
Gm for ukulele
Adim7 for ukulele
D7 for ukulele
C7 for ukulele
D+ for ukulele
E7 for ukulele
Bb7 for ukulele


Ukulele accompaniment chords are extremely close to the original, with consideration of the instrument’s realities.





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