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± BPM (tempo): ♩ = 134 beats per minute

Lyrics and Music by Even Johansen

Intro: F | G# | Cm7sus2 | F#
       G#6 | Cm7sus2 | F# | Cm

Fm6sus2         Cm
Alarm goes off, 6 a.m.,
Fm6                   Cm
One more day and then weekend.
Fm6sus2               Cm
Dressed in the office uniform,
Fm6 G7       Cm   Cmsus2   Cm
Hairbrushes, all shape and form.

Instrumental: Bb | Cmsus2 Cm7

Through the door, and cross the street,
While I was trying to make up time,
Buy the ticket, squeeze on the train,
Eyes fixed firmly on the windowpane.

 Bb         G#
   Repeat again…

     D#         Gm          Cm
     You live inside this machine,
             G#         D#
     Nothing ever slows down.
                    Gm          Cm
     The slate will always wipe clean,
         G#      Bb   Bb7 Cm
     You seem to make up crown.

Instrumental: Cm | Cm7sus4 | Bbm | Cmadd9 Cm7

Alarm goes off, 5 p.m.,
Before the after-work wind down.
No one’s gonna hang around,
Fm6    G7      Cm   Cmsus2   Cm Bb
Target failure to the drown.

A bottle spirits sinking fast,
Another one rising at last.
The self assured never scar,
Their pride will heal with comp pending car.

Instrumental: Bb | G#

     You live inside this machine,
     Nothing ever slows down.
     But the slate will always wipe clean,
         G#      Bb      Fm6
     You seem to make up crown.
     Dm5-             D#
     Make up, make up crown,
     G#      Bb
     Make up crown…

Instrumental: D#6
The top twenty
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Finger notations of uku chords

F for ukulele
G# for ukulele
Cm7sus2 for ukulele
F# for ukulele
G#6 for ukulele
Cm for ukulele
Fm6sus2 for ukulele
Fm6 for ukulele
G7 for ukulele
Cmsus2 for ukulele
Bb for ukulele
Cm7 for ukulele
D# for ukulele
Gm for ukulele
Bb7 for ukulele
Cm7sus4 for ukulele
Bbm for ukulele
Cmadd9 for ukulele
Dm5- for ukulele
D#6 for ukulele


Song chords for those who want to play the ukulele very accurately and similarly to the original.





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