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November, 11

Madonna sued because of late start to concert

Madonna sued because of late start to concert

Madonna is angering fans due to the start time at her recent concerts.

The Queen of Pop, who is currently on her Madame X Tour, has been hit with a class-action lawsuit, which names her and Live Nation. In the legal documents, obtained by TMZ, a ticket holder in Florida claims he lost money after the start time of her concert shifted to 10:30 PM from 8:30 PM.

The ticket holder, Nate Hollander, purchased tickets to the tour in August, for a show on Dec. 17 in Miami Beach. Since Hollander purchased tickets, Madonna has had a history of starting her show up to two hours late, prompting her to move the official start time.

Hollander, who has gathered up other ticket holders for the lawsuit, says it's ridiculous for a Tuesday evening show to begin at 10:30 PM and also makes his tickets less valuable. He claims he requested a refund for the three tickets he purchased, for $1,024.95, and has been denied.

Hollander and those in his lawsuit aren't the only angry fans. Madonna performed in Las Vegas on Thursday Nov. 7 at Caesars Palace and did not take to the stage until 12:30 a.m., two hours after the scheduled start time, according to Fox5 Las Vegas. Fans booed the singer and yelled that they wanted a refund when she finally managed to take the stage.

At her show on Friday Nov. 8, Madonna addressed the lawsuit and complaints. "Here's something you all need to understand," she told the audience. "And that is, that the queen is never late."

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November, 11

Madonna is angering fans due to the start time at her recent concerts.

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