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March, 11

Ed Sheeran supported by wife Cherry amid 'humiliating' court battle - 'she's his rock'

Ed Sheeran supported by wife Cherry amid 'humiliating' court battle - 'she's his rock'

World renowned singer Ed Sheeran has been relying on the support of his wife Cherry Seaborn amid his "disturbing and stressful" court case, which has seen him accused of copying music from other artists, a source has revealed.

Ross O' Donoghue and Sami Chokri (who goes by the grime artist name Sami Switch) have alleged that Ed's 2017 'Shape of You' from his bestselling album ÷ ("Divide") used snippets from their own song 'Oh Why', and filed an official legal complaint back in 2018.

The songwriting duo claimed the "Oh I" hook heard in the track is "strikingly similar" to that in their original single, which was released the year earlier.

Now, whilst the trial is taking place in court, Ed, 31, is understood to be suffering severely with the stress of the situation.

A source close to the 'Castle On A Hill' singer has told OK!: "Ed is finding the court care really hard. He's the most squeaky clean pop star, he really is, he wouldn't hurt a fly or want to let anyone down, let alone copy someone's music.

"As a songwriter, having your craft come under question stresses you out. He had to sing in court to try and prove himself that songs can sound similar and not be copied. He'd meant no harm."

Despite this, Donogue and Chokri's lawyer suggested in court that Ed is accustomed to treating 'lesser-known' artists differently to those who are more accustomed to the public eye, even going as far as to refer to him as a "magpie".

The guitar-playing superstar has consistently denied all claims that he "borrowed" any segments from that of anyone else. The song in question, which remained at No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart for 14 weeks at the time of its release, was co-written by Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid and Steve Write, who have also been in attendance at the trial this week.

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