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September, 30

Louis Tomlinson 'closer to being over' feud with Zayn Malik

Louis Tomlinson believes he is "closer to being over" his spat with former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik.

During an appearance on the Zach Sang Show on Wednesday, the Walls singer was asked whether he was still friends with Zayn after they fell out on Twitter following Zayn's departure from the band in 2015.

"You'd have to ask him," he replied. "I could be wrong, but I believe I said, when you asked me a similar question (last time)... I believe I said I don't think I'm mature enough to get over what's frustrated me in that relationship."

He continued, "I don't know if I'm mature enough now, but I'm definitely closer to being over all that."

Although he has criticised his time in the band, Zayn has recently been sharing covers of One Direction songs on Instagram, and Louis liked some of the posts.

"I wasn't just liking it for the sake of liking it," Louis explained. "It was a nice feeling 'cause in the past, he's said what he's said about the band, and I understand some of what he was saying. For me, in those videos, it showed he was reflecting. It showed he was thinking about those times. Of course, at the same time, showing off his incredible voice.

"That's why it made me feel good 'cause it was like, 'Ah maybe you're thinking about good times in the band.'"

Louis added that they could be friends again one day, but noted it is more likely to happen if they bump into each other in person.

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