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December, 15

Larry Strickland recalls late wife Naomi Judd's 'hectic' final months

Larry Strickland detailed the final months of his late wife Naomi Judd’s life.

While speaking to People for an interview published on Wednesday, the Stamps Quartet singer recalled caring for his late wife Naomi in the months before she died in April this year.

The Judds singer died by suicide at the age of 76, following a battle with anxiety and depression.

“It was a very chaotic, hectic, hectic time,” Larry revealed of the months before Naomi’s passing. “It was extremely hard. She had several therapists that she was seeing, and her energy level had gotten really low.”

He added, “She was getting really weak.”

Larry admitted in his interview he “might have overdone it” in his effort to help Naomi before her death.

“I was trying to get her to eat. I was trying to get her to exercise,” he recalled. “I handled her medications and had to make sure she had what she needed. I was trying every way I could.”

The singer continued he regretted the way he approached Naomi’s mental health struggles.

“If I had known where she was, I would’ve been much softer on her,” he explained. “I would’ve been gentler and more understanding instead of tired and exhausted because it was wearing me out, too.”

He reflected, “I look back and just wish I had been holding her and comforting her instead of pushing her. I don’t know if that would’ve helped, but it certainly wouldn’t have hurt.”

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