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April, 25

Chynna Phillips reveals fears over upcoming surgery to remove tumour

Chynna Phillips has revealed she will be having surgery to remove a 35cm tumour from her leg.

The singer, songwriter, and actress took to YouTube to share the news that she needs to have surgery on her leg in the next few months.

“I have a tumor in my left leg. I’ve had it since I was a little girl. They don’t know if I was born with it or not. It’s totally benign, but it is large,” Phillips shared while taking a walk around her neighborhood.

“I’m talking very, very large. It’s like 14 inches long and four inches wide.”

Phillips shared that while her surgery is eight weeks away, she is already nervous about the procedure because it requires anesthesia.

“I am absolutely petrified of anesthesia, and I don’t know, I just feel like it’s the closest thing to death going under,” she shared.

“I mean, it actually is. It’s the closest thing to being dead.”

Phillips, a member of the vocal trio Wilson Phillips, has faced her fair share of ups and downs this year.

In January, the daughter of Mamas & the Papas band members John and Michelle Phillips announced that she and husband Billy Baldwin were experiencing a “real struggle” in their marriage.

Phillips admitted that the couple, who have been married for 29 years, had separated for six months at one point.

Photo: Cover Media
Source: Cover Media
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