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© Chorded by Anton Gavzov // chief of the project (
± BPM (tempo): ♩ = 87 beats per minute

from La La Land
Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) duet
Lyrics by Benj Pasek, Justin Paul and Music by Justin Hurwitz

Intro: Gm | Gm | Gm | Gm

Gm             C
City of stars,
                C7      Dm
Are you shining just for me?
Gm             C
City of stars,
                     C7     F
There’s so much that I can’t see.
    Gm     C
Who knows?
I felt it from the first embrace
  Am          Am5-   
I shared with you

     Gm      A7
That now our dreams
                  Dm   Dm7 
May finally come true.

Gm             C7
City of stars,
                         Dm     Dm7
Just one thing everybody wants,
Gm                C7
There in the bars
And through the smokescreen
       F             Am  
Of the crowded restaurants:
     Gm7   C
It’s love.
Yes, all we’re looking for
   F         Am      Am5-   
Is love from someone else.

A rush,
A glance,
A touch,
A dance.

  Bb   Bbmaj Bb      C
A look in somebody’s eyes
   C7       C   A7
To light up the skies,
To open the world and send them reeling.
  Bb    Bbmaj Bb             C7
A voice that says, “I’ll be here,
                Dmadd9  Dmsus2
And you’ll be alright.”

Bb Bbmaj Bb       C
I don’t care if I know
     C7           A7
Just where I will go,
‘Cause all that I need
        Dm7sus2 Dm
Is this crazy feeling,
  Bb      Bbmaj     A7
A rat-tat-tat on my heart…
                   Dm    Dm7 
Think I want it to stay.

Gm             C
City of stars,
Are you shining just for me?
Gm             A7
City of stars,
You never shined so brightly.

Instrumental: Dm | Dm Dm7

Finger notations of uku chords

Gm for ukulele
C for ukulele
C7 for ukulele
Dm for ukulele
F for ukulele
Am for ukulele
Am5- for ukulele
A7 for ukulele
Dm7 for ukulele
Gm7 for ukulele
Bb for ukulele
Bbmaj for ukulele
Dmadd9 for ukulele
Dmsus2 for ukulele
Dm7sus2 for ukulele

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Ukulele accompaniment chords are extremely close to the original, with consideration of the instrument’s realities.





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