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Raphael Gualazzi
Madness of Love

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± BPM (tempo): ♩ = 146 beats per minute

Testo e Musica di Raphael Gualazzi
Lyrics and Music by Raphael Gualazzi
Italy / Eurovision 2011

Intro: :2/4: Gm | Gm7 | C | D#
       Gm | Gm7 | C | D#

     Gm       Bb       Em75- Edim7
Dire si, dire mai non è facile, sai,
And all the world around you
Seems to slip and disappear.
       Gm         Bb  
Io non so più chi sei,
    Em75-      Edim7
Non mi importa chi sei,
I know for certain
        D               D+    Gm
I won't bother you with nostalgia.

          G                 G7   E        E7
     Ma vedrai un altro me in un sogno fragile,
         Am7      G#+        Am7         D7
     Riderai come se non ti avessi amato mai,
           G                G7  
     Cercherai un altro me
     Oltre l’ombra di un caffè,
          Am7      G#+
     Troverai solo me
     Cm6                                      Gm
     Se mi fermo un attimo io non so più chi sei.

Instrumental: Gm | Bb | Em75- | Edim7
              D#7 | D7 | Gm | D

       Gm     Bb         Em75-         Edim7
Qui si vive così, day by day, night by night,
But all the world around us
                    D      D7 
Slips away and disappears.
        Gm           Bb  
I can't live in your eyes,
I can't read in your mind,
But someone hit me
      D              D+     Gm
And I fell into your heart, my dear.

                G               G7  
     And you’ll fly over lands,
     Where your eyes can’t find the end,
          Am7             G#+
     Upon mountains, down lanes,
                 Am7                 D
     Through the clouds, out of your pains.
               G                   G7  
     You'll be fine, you'll be fine,
     All your troubles you won't mind,
                 Am7        G#+
     Then you'll land in my heart,
     Being so far away from you
     Just makes me feel so damned!

Instrumental: Gm | Bb | Em75- | Edim7
              D#7 | D7 | Gm | Gm
              Gm | Bb | Em75- | Edim7
              D#7 | D7 | Gm | Gm

          G                G7    E7         
     E vedrai un altra te, quasi invincibile,
          Am7      G#+      Am7            D7
     Viva come non mai ed è li che tu mi avrai
          Em     D#+         Em7   A7
     Oltre false magie l'orizzonte sarai,
            G    Bb
            Cmaj D#
            G    Bb C7 D#
            G    Gm D#7 Gm D#7 Gm D#7 Gm Gm6

Finger notations of uku chords

Gm for ukulele
Gm7 for ukulele
C for ukulele
D# for ukulele
Bb for ukulele
Em75- for ukulele
Edim7 for ukulele
D#7 for ukulele
D for ukulele
D+ for ukulele
G for ukulele
G7 for ukulele
E for ukulele
E7 for ukulele
Am7 for ukulele
G#+ for ukulele
D7 for ukulele
Cm6 for ukulele
Em for ukulele
D#+ for ukulele
Em7 for ukulele
A7 for ukulele
Cmaj for ukulele
C7 for ukulele
Gm6 for ukulele


Ukulele accompaniment chords are extremely close to the original, with consideration of the instrument’s realities.





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