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© Chorded by Elena Ladova // specialist (
± BPM (tempo): ♩ = 144 beats per minute

Lyrics and Music by Stefan Örn, Johan Kronlund, Alessandra Günthardt
Azerbaijan / Eurovision 2014

Intro: Gadd9 A6 | Bm | Gmaj

Gmaj              A6 
Someone’s selling garden roses
Down the square,
People gathering by to breathe
The morning air,
But no one sees the bitter cold
   A#dim7      Bmadd9     Bmadd11 Bm Bmadd9
And shivering empty hands.

Gadd9               A6
A schoolgirl running by and trying
To beat the bell,
Gmaj            A
People dropping, tossing coins
   F#m     F#m+ Gadd9
In wishing wells,
But no one cares for dreams
             A#dim7  Bm        Bmadd9 Bm
That don’t fit into our world.

     Bm7  Gadd9      Gmaj A6
     Maybe nightfall
        F#m7     Bm Bmadd9
     Darkens skies
              G          Asus4
     And maybe teardrops
              F#m7 Bmsus4 Bm
     Stain our eyes,
        Bmadd9   Gmaj            A
     But may the slightest light
                   Gmaj Gmaj5-
     Start a fire.

  Gmaj           A6
A soldier in the hands
Of a forgotten mess
                A6              F#m7
Digging out the burning bullets
In his chest,
So eager, bold and noble –
         A#dim7     Bm            Bmadd9
Printing footsteps on this earth.

             Gmaj        A
     And maybe nightfall
        F#m7     Bm
     Darkens skies
            Gadd9        A
     And maybe teardrops
               F#m F#m+ F#m7 Bm
     Stain our eyes,
             Gmaj                A
     But may the slightest light
             Bm    F#7
     Start a fire,
           D       E6 E G
     Start a fire.
   D     Dmaj    Em              F# F#+ F#7
     But may the slightest light
     Start a fire.

Finger notations of uku chords

Gadd9 for ukulele
A6 for ukulele
Bm for ukulele
Gmaj for ukulele
A for ukulele
A#dim7 for ukulele
Bmadd9 for ukulele
Bmadd11 for ukulele
F#m for ukulele
F#m+ for ukulele
Bm7 for ukulele
F#m7 for ukulele
G for ukulele
Asus4 for ukulele
Bmsus4 for ukulele
Gmaj5- for ukulele
F#7 for ukulele
D for ukulele
E6 for ukulele
E for ukulele
Dmaj for ukulele
Em for ukulele
F# for ukulele
F#+ for ukulele


Ukulele accompaniment chords are extremely close to the original, with consideration of the instrument’s realities.





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