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January, 28

McVie for Fleetwood Mac's new album

Fleetwood Mac have reportedly revealed that they will record a new album with former member Christine McVie.

Mick Fleetwood told Maui News that the singer has been writing new songs for the group and they plan to start recording together in March, reported

The drummer also said that the newly-reunited band will embark on a tour, which begins in the autumn.

Christine, who joined the band in 1970 but originally left in 1998, announced she was returning to the fold weeks ago.

Her publicist Liz Rosenberg told Billboard that she "has indeed re-joined Fleetwood Mac and we are hoping to make an announcement about a possible tour for the full tilt Macsters some time in 2014".

The 70-year-old - who enjoyed success with some of the group's biggest hits such as Say You Love Me, Don't Stop, Little Lies and Everywhere - has not been a full-time member of the group for 16 years, but reunited with them last year for two London shows on their European tour.

She later told The Guardian: "If they were to ask me I would probably be very delighted, but it hasn't happened so we'll have to wait and see."

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