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5SOS: We don't like boy band tag

5SOS: We don't like boy band tag

5 Seconds of Summer have admitted they don't want to be categorised as a boy band.

The Australian pop-rock group may appear to fit the mould - a quartet of young men with a feverish female fan base touring with British megastars One Direction - but they like to think they're a bit edgier.

5SOS drummer Ashton Irwin said: "I (grew up) watching, you know, live rock 'n' roll bands and I wanted to be like Tre Cool from Green Day.

"To be called a boy band coming from those roots and writing our own songs and starting in the garage, it's just, I don't think it's the correct term for us."

But that doesn't mean 5 Seconds of Summer aren't fans of their tour buddies 1D.

"We've become comfortable. I think we're just like really very used to having each other on the same tour," Ashton said. "They've had us on their tour for like two years now.

"The way they treat their crew and stuff like that, it's a real family type environment and really we look up to that."

And the band - which also includes vocalist Luke Hemmings, guitarist Michael Clifford and bassist Calum Hood - may get a lot of attention from female fans, but they insist they have no time for love.

"(We're) married to the band, we always say," said Calum.

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