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May, 29

All is forgiven? 7 reasons why Justin Bieber should be given a second chance

All is forgiven? 7 reasons why Justin Bieber should be given a second chance

Before you start calling us “Beliebers”, no, we’re not one of Justin’s dedicated Beliebers, but we do think it’s time to throw Justin a bone. In other words, it’s time to acknowledge that Justin Bieber is nothing like the menace he became 2 years ago.

After being booed on stage several times, being made fun of by his fellow celebrities, and even getting in trouble with the law, Justin Bieber has finally changed for the better.

Well, it appears he has. That’s why we think it’s for Justin Bieber to be officially be forgiven and here are our 7 reasons why:

When Justin Bieber announced that he would be participating in a “Justin Bieber Roast”, we definitely weren’t the only ones thinking, “…and he’s okay with this??” Let’s face it, the old Justin would have never allowed something like this. In fact, the old Justin would never even understand why anyone would want to make fun of him in the first place. It doesn’t just stop there. More recently, a fan brought a backpack with Justin Bieber’s mugshot on it to a Make-A-Wish charity event, and you know what Justin did? He smiled at it and took a picture with the fan!

2) He has been keeping his shirt on

One of the most annoying aspects of Justin’s rebellious phase was that fact that he couldn’t seem to keep his shirt on. It was as if he was allergic to wearing shirts. Either that, or he was arrogantly showing off his body. Regardless, it was annoying, and several celebs were even complaining. Thankfully, Justin seems to have stopped with the shirtless shenanigans, and is keeping his public shirtless moments for when he goes swimming. You know, what normal people do…

Seriously, how many times does someone have to apologise for people to take them seriously? In Justin’s case, it seems to be a lot, as he’s done it so many times. He first apologised by releasing a video on his Twitter a few months ago. Then he apologised again during the Justin Bieber Roast on comedy central. This is in addition to making several remorseful comments in interviews with magazines.

4) He has stopped surrounding himself with negative influences

Anybody who was paying attention to Justin’s social media during his rebellious phase could tell he was certainly hanging around the wrong crowd. That is now apparently over. In an interview with USA Today, Justin revealed he’s now surrounding himself with positive people: “Yeah, I left a lot of people behind who weren’t on the same journey I was on, and I’ve got a lot of new people in my life who are pouring into me, and not taking away from me.”

In February, Justin Bieber’s attorney told a Los Angeles judge that he’s been doing both community service, as well as counselling. The judge also revealed that he has received a favourable report from his probation officers. Again, another thing that proves Justin has changed…

Finally, our last point…Justin actually seems genuinely nicer than he did before. In fact, we might even go as far as to call him likeable. That’s right, we said it. He seems likeable now, and it was very difficult to dislike him during his recent segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden. He and James lip-synced and joked around during a car ride that was taped for the show, and Justin just flat out seemed nice.

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