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December, 19

Beyonce's lawyers send legal warning to tribute restaurant owners

Beyonce's lawyers send legal warning to tribute restaurant owners

Beyonce's lawyers have fired off a cease-and-desist notice to the owners of a New York pop-up bar dedicated to the superstar.

Bosses at Leyenda in Brooklyn recently announced they were renaming the Latin cocktail bar and restaurant "Sleyenda" for the month of December (17) in honour of the singer, as a nod to her "I slay" lyrics from her hit tune Formation.

They also had their menus printed on Beyonce Christmas cards for the holiday season.

However, the owners have since been forced to revamp the hotspot after facing the threat of legal action from the hitmaker herself.

In the legal notice, obtained by Eater New York bloggers, Beyonce's representatives make it clear the musician is grateful for their support, but warn that their business idea may violate her trademark and other rights.

Referring to the singer by her married name, they write, "It appears that you are a dedicated fan of Mrs. Carter, and for that support, Mrs. Carter thanks you. There is a line, however, between fandom and infringement of intellectual property rights, and we are concerned that this pop-up bar will cross that line."

The lawyers go on to ask Leyenda owners not to use her name, lyrics, or artwork in the female-owned establishment.

"Please know that Mrs. Carter and BGK (her company) do not wish to initiate legal proceedings against you, but unless you comply with the foregoing demands, they will not be left with many options for protecting their rights," the letter continues.

Restaurant co-owner Ivy Mix tells Eater NY she is "a little bummed (Beyonce) didn't share the enthusiasm," and explains they have since chosen to honour a variety of strong female pop stars, including Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani, at the venue.

The news emerges days after Beyonce, who is married to JAY-Z, real name Shawn Carter, also had a beer named after her pulled from retailers.

Bieryonce, a beverage made by tastemakers at Brooklyn company Lineup Brewing, was only released earlier this month (Dec17), but its owner Katarina Martinez was forced to stop production following the first batch after receiving a similar cease-and-desist letter from the star's legal team.

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