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March, 2

Ryan Adams cancels UK and Ireland tour

Ryan Adams cancels UK and Ireland tour

Ryan Adams' planned tour of the UK and Ireland has been cancelled in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct made about the musician.

"Full refunds to ticket purchasers from authorised outlets will be processed by end of day on Monday," the ticketing company said in a tweet. Tour venues including the Royal Albert Hall, Dublin's Olympia theatre and the O2 Academy in Newcastle have shared the same message.

On 13 February, the New York Times published a report containing allegations that Adams had exchanged sexually inappropriate messages with a teenage girl. The FBI announced an investigation into their communications to determine whether Adams was aware of her age.

The Times's report also contained accounts from several women, including Adams' ex-wife Mandy Moore, who alleged that he "dangled career opportunities while simultaneously pursuing female artists for sex". Adams has apologised to anyone he hurt but described the report as "upsettingly inaccurate".

In the wake of the report, many disenchanted fans who held tickets for Adams' forthcoming UK and Ireland shows - which were due to commence in Dublin on 30 March - sought refunds, and were left frustrated after ticketing agencies including Ticketmaster had said they were unable to return their purchases.

The Royal Albert Hall was the only venue to offer the Guardian a response to demands for refunds. On 28 February, they said: "The venue is being hired by a third party promoter, SJM, for the Ryan Adams concerts. The promoter has advised us that the concerts are still scheduled to go ahead. We are continuing to monitor this situation very closely."

Ticketmaster had previously told fans seeking refunds: "Ticketmaster only offers exchanges or refunds for tickets where the event is cancelled - this is set by the venue and event organisers as it is on their behalf that we sell tickets. I'm sorry we're unable to help further with this."

Simon Long, a founding partner of the music and entertainment law firm Collins Long, told the Guardian that the promoters, ticketing agencies and venues remained bound by the terms of the contracts they signed with Adams and his management. "Until such time as we have contracts - and this is a lesson for the music industry - that say things like 'Thou shalt behave like a saint, and if you don't we have the right to cancel the tour', there's no way out for the promoters."

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