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May, 29

Wishaw rock band release their new single 'coming through' today

Wishaw rock band release their new single 'coming through' today

Two Wishaw rockers are eager to impress with their new single.

Stoned Immaculate will release “Coming Through” on Friday, May 29, and are hoping to lift fans’ spirits while they are stuck inside.

Two of the members, drummer Scott Lennon and guitarist Callum Hughes, are from Wishaw and met each other while pupils at Coltness High School.

Scott said: “I picked up drum sticks 10 years ago in school and just really enjoyed it. I was encouraged by my teachers to keep it going.

“I met Callum in school and we met the rest of the band in college. We have been playing in this line-up for just over a year and a half now.”

The new single is loud and happy, something different for the band. Scott said: “The songs lyrics are just about enjoying yourself, it is definitely happier and bouncier to other tracks we have.

“We have played it in our live show for about six months and people really enjoy it.

“They have a jump about and a mosh.”

The band recorded the track with acclaimed producer Jamie Holmes at 7 West Studios.

“Jamie is a great producer, we do a lot of recording with him.

“He has lots of experience and gives a great input into the track and really helps bring it to life.

The band will also release their new EP, entitled “Nah”, on June 20.

“Coming Through is the only single we are doing for the EP, we are keeping the rest until release day.” Scott said.

“Each song is unique in its own right.

“Some are happier, some a bit more punk and heavier, some are really dramatic.

“I am really excited to see what people think of this EP. We have been playing some of the songs on it live for what seems like ages, and we have put so much effort into it.”

Scott also admitted that the band have been affected drastically by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with cancellations and uncertainty taking it’s toll.

“We just don’t know when we will be able to play live again. We have some gigs booked as close as September, but no one knows if they will be okay to go ahead.

“We had plans for the EP release but obviously none of them can go ahead. We are planning on doing some stuff over livestream but it is all still in the works.”

The single is now avaliable on the band’s Spotify and Apple Music accounts.

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