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October, 30

New album from Kelly Jones 'remoulds' some of Stereophonics' finest moments

New album from Kelly Jones 'remoulds' some of Stereophonics' finest moments

A treat for Stereophonics fans - band frontman Kelly Jones has announced the release of ‘Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day’.

Featuring some of Stereophonics’ finest moments but carefully rearranged and intimately re-recorded by Kelly and his multi-skilled band, ‘Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day’ is out on December 4 via Parlophone Records.

Recorded in locations across the UK in 2019, this carefully curated selection of tracks from one of the UK’s most prolific and successful songwriters hears Kelly pull together the songs that got him through some of the worst of times, while telling stories of how those songs came about.

The album gives the audience an honesty, truth and vulnerability not heard previously.

‘Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day’ allowed Kelly to step away from the constraints that come with being the rock star and leading the mighty Stereophonics, to create something more spontaneous, vulnerable and intimate.

This album captures one of the most distinctive voices in British rock as he captivates an audience through song, anecdote, laughter and lament, and reconnects with the emotional heart of the songs that have grown with him throughout his musical career.

The work also completes a remarkable personal recovery for Kelly, who, while touring in 2019, kept a secret from his band, crew and producers.

This revelation had threatened to undermine his career and future music making.

The hitherto untold story is brought to life in the heartfelt and deeply emotive documentary Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day.

The documentary premieres at ‘The Doc n Roll Festival’ on November 4, before reaching cinemas around the UK on November 27 via event cinema distributor Trafalgar Releasing.

The album’s first offering has also been unveiled, an emotive take on Kris Kristofferson’s ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night’.

It’s a song Kelly recalls his father singing him when he was a boy - one of many stories from his life that Kelly shares with the audience in this most personal of albums.

Speaking on the new documentary, the film’s director, Ben Lowe said: “I’ve been to hundreds of gigs in my life – shooting with my camera or purely as a fan – but I’d never experienced a show quite like Kelly’s on this tour.

“You recognize there’s something pretty special happening on-stage if the performances, and the stories he was telling between them, can make an audience laugh and cry on the same night.

“I wanted to make this documentary feel as truthful and heartfelt as Kelly’s shows. I knew it would be beautiful to hear these songs in a theatre, but I was really blown away.

“After the tour when Kelly told me about his first few months of the year, I felt inspired by the courage and honesty of it all.”

‘Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day’ follows the release of Stereophonics’ latest record ‘Kind’, which marked their seventh No.1 album in the UK.

In total, the group have now celebrated 11 Top 10 albums, 24 Platinum Sales Awards, 8.5 million albums sold in the UK alone, five BRIT nominations and one BRIT Award win.


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October, 30

A treat for Stereophonics fans - band frontman Kelly Jones has announced the release of ‘Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day’.

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