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July, 19

Blake Shelton Lays On The Charm In Gwen Stefani’s Video From His Latest Concert

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani continue to be the absolute cutest couple. The two music superstars may have just celebrated a whole year of being married, but it seems they are definitely still in the honeymoon phase, as they never miss an opportunity to express their love to or about each other. The latest example of this came after one of Shelton’s latest concerts, where his wife stood backstage while documenting the experience. One of Stefani’s videos showed the country boy laying on the charm thick when he reunited with her after the show.

Gwen Stefani was the epitome of a proud wife, as she shared a number of videos to her Instagram Stories from Blake Shelton’s latest live performance. She panned around to show the screaming crowd, even cheering for “Blakey,” herself. The “Come Back as a Country Boy” singer then showed just how highly he thinks of Stefani, as the couple walked together backstage following the show. When she asked her husband if he had a good show, he replied:

That was pretty smooth, I’ve got to admit, because Blake Shelton didn’t hesitate to give Gwen Stefani all the credit for his success, as he referenced the portion of the concert when she graced the stage to treat the audience to some of her own music. The couple's mutual admiration for each other’s talent is always so abundant, they’re practically exploding with pride. Just look at how they look at each other, albeit blurrily:

Gwen Stefani has been known to make appearances on stage with Blake Shelton, and not just to sing their hit country duets “Happy Anywhere” and “Nobody But You.” The ska queen who came to fame in ‘90s with her band No Doubt often treats fans to performances of her old classics. This night was no different, as one video on her Stories showed her singing the hit single “Don’t Speak” to a crowd full of cowboy hat-wearing country fans:

The country superstar seems to have thoroughly enjoyed his hiatus from The Voice — even if Gwen Stefani did put him to work around the house — and the couple’s fun won’t stop when the singing competition returns to NBC this fall for Season 22. That’s because Stefani will be returning as a coach herself, sitting alongside Blake Shelton in the Big Red Chairs, where the couple first met on Season 7 in 2014. I bet way back then the “Hollaback Girl” singer never imagined she’d be so happy playing home videographer. She just couldn’t take her eyes (or her phone) off of him!

Tune in to The Voice to see more of what’s to come from this adorable couple, as they’ll join John Legend and rookie coach Camila Cabello for Season 22, which premieres at 8 p.m. ET Monday, September 19, on NBC. In the meantime, check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what other shows are premiering soon.

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