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July, 22

Edinburgh teenagers break into the mainstream music scene through busking on the city streets

19-year-old University of Edinburgh student Beth Miller, 19, from Glasgow has devoted her work to singing and song writing.

With her persistence of busking original Scottish songs written by herself on Edinburgh streets, local record label, Blackhall Records picked up on Beth’s raw talent’.

Whilst the musician had secured the interest of a potential record label, she didn’t have a producer to finalise her song until another Edinburgh teenager, and friend, noticed her work.

Fellow University of Edinburgh music student, Joe Haynes, 19, from Peterborough, teamed up with Beth to finalise and produce the track.

In the chaotic mix of juggling exams and work, the pair spent just two nights together in order to write, sing and produce Beth’s newest song ‘Deserving’.

Speaking on the process, Beth said: “The song means everything to me because it’s the first time I have ever had someone feel my work was good enough to be turned into something bigger.”

She continued: “Hearing something to be played back on record that isn’t just your iPhone microphone gives you chills and above all to have it produced by one of my closed friends just makes the piece even more special because there is so much love and compassion poured into it from both parties”.

Joe is self taught when it comes to producing music and began his music journey as a classical performer. however he said: “With my spare time it gave me the creative vehicle to be extra creative with just my laptop, but with a lot to practice (working on songs daily), I had my debut project on national radio in under a year, inspired a rural English village I’d grown up and learned production in.”

Haynes, who focuses his work on producing various songs has created a name for himself on BBC’s Cambridgeshire radio, in addition to five of his songs making an appearance on various BBC shows. His latest song; ‘Out of My Head’, which is sung and produced by himself, has hit Spotify, as well as being featured on BBC’s Introducing Radio Show.

Photo: Joe Haynes working on producing Beth Miller's song
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