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September, 8

John Lennon's acoustic rendition of Yellow Submarine featured on new Revolver boxset

A newly mixed and extended edition of the Beatles’ seminal 1966 album 'Revolver' features an acoustic rendition of 'Yellow Submarine' by John Lennon.

The special boxset has been freshly mixed by producer Giles Martin - the son of the legendary Liverpool group's late studio wizard George Martin - and engineer Sam Okell in stereo and Dolby Atmos, utilising the latest technology.

And it boasts never-before-released studio recordings and demos, including the downbeat rendition of 'Yellow Submarine'.

Giles said at a listening event for the boxset: “I didn’t realise it was very much a John Lennon song, that Paul commercialised in a way [until that clip]."

The Beatles classic was penned as a children's song by Sir Paul McCartney and Lennon, but it was drummer Sir Ringo Starr who performed lead vocals.

Elsewhere, one of the outtakes sees McCartney joke with string players about using vibrato.

Giles said: “You’d think the strings players wouldn’t like playing on a pop record too much, but they were actually engaged with how the record would sound. They had an opinion, and you can hear it on here.”

Other gems include the first take of 'Tomorrow Never Knows' from a session on April 6, 1966, an unreleased mono mix and a special mix highlighting the overdubs of three trumpets and two tenor saxophones on 'Got To Get You Into My Life'.

There's also the first take and rehearsal of 'Love You To featuring late band member George Harrison playing his beloved sitar and McCartney on tambourine, plus a version of 'Taxman' with alternative lyrics.

Fans will also hear chatter amongst the band in the studio.

Giles is quoted by Billboard as saying: "It was that constant evolution with the Beatles. They got bored really quickly, and he was open-minded enough to [trust them.] I think this was the point where my dad was learning just as much from them as they were from him.”

The physical and digital Super Deluxe collections come with the album’s original mono mix, 28 early takes from the sessions and three home demos, and a four-track EP with new stereo mixes and remastered original mono mixes for 'Paperback Writer' and 'Rain'. The album’s new Dolby Atmos mix will be released digitally on October 28.

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