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November, 2

Adele reveals how to pronounce her name correctly

Adele told fans in a recent Q&A that most people pronounce her name wrong.

During a fan Q&A to celebrate the release of her I Drink Wine music video, the British singer shared with the audience that her name is frequently mispronounced.

While answering a question, she applauded a fan for pronouncing her name the correct way.

“Love that!” Adele said, via Just Jared. “She pronounced my name perfectly!”

Fans may have pronounced the I Drink Wine singer’s name as “ah-dell”, but the correct pronunciation is “uh-dale”.

After the Q&A, Adele thanked fans on Twitter and Instagram for attending.

“Had the loveliest night last night with some of you. Thank you so much for coming,” she wrote. “So glad I got to meet you all individually too it really warmed my heart getting to know you a bit. The I Drink Wine video is out now.”

Photo: Cover Media
Source: Cover Media
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