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April, 7

Ice Spice has been testing out new album in her car

Ice Spice has been playing her upcoming album in her vehicle to make sure it passes the "car test".

The In Ha Mood rapper, real name Isis Gaston, is gearing up to release her debut album Y2K later this year.

During an appearance on YouTube show Hot Ones, Ice was asking if her songs have to pass "a car test" and she confirmed she has been testing out her new tracks on her vehicle.

"Yes, I've been playing the album fully through in the car, volume all the way up," she said. "It passed, thankfully it passed."

The 24-year-old explained that she usually works on the hook of a song before writing the verses, however, there is a song on Y2K that bucks that trend.

"There is a track on the album, I just launched straight into the verse and there's not really a hook so I'm excited to hear what the fans think about that," she shared.

Ice also noted that every song she worked on for the album made the cut.

"Each song that I work on I really try to make it good enough to put out basically," she stated. "I don't really skim through it real quick, I really take my time and I'm just like OK. Every time I work on a song basically, I'm like, 'This is gonna be released.' That hasn't always been in the case but for this album process, that was the case."

Ice announced she had finished recording Y2K in early March. The release date and tracklist have yet to be revealed.

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