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Zlata Ognevich

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© Chorded by Mikhail Ocheret // specialist (
± BPM (tempo): ♩ = 88 beats per minute

Lyrics by Karen Kavaleryan and Music by Mikhail Nekrasov
Ukraine / Eurovision 2013

Intro: Am | F#m75- | Cmaj D | F Dm

        Amadd9     Dm          Gsus4 G
Nothing comes from dreams but dreams,
Cmaj        Fadd9       Gsus4 G
Still you believe in wonder.
          Am      Dm     Gsus4 G
Something happens and it seems
Cmaj     Fadd9   Gsus4 G
Like a strike of thunder.

        Cm7        G#sus2   Bbsus4 Bb
Nothing comes from love but love.
Cm7        G#sus2      Bbsus4 Bb
Why is it growing stronger?
     Cm7     G#sus2 Bbsus4 Bb
I am falling from above,
Gm     G#sus2     Bbsus4 Bb Bbsus4 Bb
I will wait no longer.

         Gm     Cm7   Fsus4 F
     I’m like a butterfly,
         D     Gm      Cm7         Fsus4 F
     Spinning ‘round a sword as if to dare.
       Bbm         D#m       G#sus4 G#
     I should have stayed up high,
     It’s stronger than me
     My gravity,
   G#sus4    G#
     My gravity.

Instrumental: C#m7 Asus2 | Bsus4 B  } 2 times

        C#m7       Asus2     Bsus4  B
Nothing comes from pride but pride,
C#m7 Asus2     Bsus4 B
Mm, my way is clear.
        C#m7   Asus2  Bsus4 B
Dancing on the edge tonight,
G#m   Asus2   Bsus4 B Bsus4 B
Now I feel no fear.

         G#m    C#m7  F#sus4 F#
     I’m like a butterfly,
         D#    G#m     C#m7        F#sus4 F#
     Spinning ‘round a sword as if to dare.
       Bm          Em        Asus4 A
     I should have stayed up high,
     It’s stronger than me
     My gravity,
   Asus4     A
     My gravity.

         Em     Am    Dsus4 D
     I’m like a butterfly.
     My gravity.
         Gm     Cm    Fsus4 F
     I’m like a butterfly
           Bbm         D#m       G#sus4 G#
     And I should have stayed up high,
     It’s stronger than me
     My gravity,
   G#sus4    G#
     My gravity.

Finger notations of chords

Am for guitar
F#m75- for guitar
Cmaj for guitar
D for guitar
F for guitar
Dm for guitar
Amadd9 for guitar
Gsus4 for guitar
G for guitar
Fadd9 for guitar
Cm7 for guitar
G#sus2 for guitar
Bbsus4 for guitar
Bb for guitar
Gm for guitar
Fsus4 for guitar
Bbm for guitar
D#m for guitar
G#sus4 for guitar
G# for guitar
Fm for guitar
F#add9 for guitar
C#m7 for guitar
Asus2 for guitar
Bsus4 for guitar
B for guitar
G#m for guitar
F#sus4 for guitar
F# for guitar
D# for guitar
Bm for guitar
Em for guitar
Asus4 for guitar
A for guitar
F#m for guitar
Gadd9 for guitar
Dsus4 for guitar
Cm for guitar


Song chords for those who want to play the guitar very accurately and similarly to the original.





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